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Vertically Integrated. Totally Innovative.

At Starco Brands, we’ve never been a fan of the familiar. It’s what drives us to innovate differently, seeking out the whitespace in popular consumer categories and solving with cutting edge brands that change behavior. From the first-ever clean aerosol cleaner to popcorn seasoning that steals the show, our brands bring a smart, modern spin to an industry of ordinary.

Like the brands we build, we are not the type to fall in line just to satisfy the CPG status quo. From formulation to manufacturing, distribution to marketing, our comprehensive approach to creating consumer products is a strategy grounded in success, and uniquely refreshing for the category.

Best In Class Manufacturing
How are we able to find that whitespace? We have a lot of help. Our sister company, The Starco Group, provides us with a portfolio of innovative formulas and commercial manufacturing facilities that span 10 CPG categories and over 3,000 products. This expansive infrastructure allows us to quickly innovate, tinker and test. It also enables us to hone in on trends across a vast spectrum of categories, identify the right product and quickly bring a new brand or product line to market.
Diversified Distribution

We love brick and mortar retail. That’s why we work with a world class national sales force that reaches retailers across 40 countries. We love online retailers. That’s why we partner with one of the top marketplace management companies in the world. We love selling our products direct to consumer. That’s why we’ve developed an end-to-end solution that can support any product we throw its way. With an established solution for each channel of distribution, we’re easily able to plug the right product into the right channel. Or channels.

Culture Driving Marketing
More than ever, the online space and retail shelves are littered with products with no unique market presence. But not our brands. With award-winning ad agencies and global media properties by our side, we can develop robust, integrated marketing plans for every brand in our portfolio to ensure an impactful presence across all verticals.
Management Team
Ross Sklar

Ross Sklar is the CEO of The Starco Group and Starco Brands. A chemical formulator by trade, Sklar started his first company - SEI Group - while still in college in 1997. Since 2004, Ross has made over a dozen acquisitions that today make up The Starco Group, a diverse collection of industrial household, personal care and food and beverage manufacturers covering almost all consumer packaged goods categories. Ross has grown the company to over 200 employees with eight major facilities in the United States. Starco Brands was later born from The Starco Group. The consumer packaged goods company is focused on leveraging cutting edge formulas from its sister company to create modern, behavior-changing brands.

Darin Brown
EVP Operations

Darin Brown is the EVP of Operations for both The Starco Group and Starco Brands. Darin has over 20 years experience in chemical manufacturing, business development, finance and mergers and acquisitions. Brown has scaled business from the ground up, engineered turn arounds and has been the lead on a dozen acquisitions in the last decade. He oversees all internal operations for Starco Brands and is an integral liaison between the company and The Starco Group.

David Dreyer
EVP Marketing

Dave Dreyer serves as the EVP of Marketing for Starco Brands. Dave brings over 20 years of experience working with blue chip brands to the team at Starco Brands. Upon receiving his MS Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University, Dreyer started his career with Honda and Internet pioneer Dave migrated over to the agency side of the business, working for industry standouts Deutsch, TBWA/Chiat/Day, The Woo and Media Arts Lab. He’s been honored to have worked with such brands as Apple, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Dr Pepper, Snapple, Infiniti, the GRAMMYs, Jimmy Dean, and TOMS. In his spare time, Dave is a professor of advertising at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication, where he loves introducing students to the wonderful world of advertising.

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