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We Put The Air in Aerosol.

The ugly duckling of cleaners, Aerosol is regularly seen but rarely used. And while many in the industry accept the use of propane, butane and other chemicals in aerosols, we knew better. The market was in need of a safer solution, so we filled the whitespace with Breathe®.

Breathe® is redefining clean one spray at a time. The first-ever aerosol line of products powered by air, Breathe® is the only brand to have 100% of its ingredients meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice criteria. From a lineup of cleaners designed for every surface to a hand sanitizer spray that’s all for hygiene, our products remove the worry so you can breathe easy with every use. And that’s just the beginning…


Pop Goes The Flavor

Nothing beats a bucket of movie theater popcorn. Perfecting that balance of clarified butter and seasoning salt at home is often a kernel conundrum. We set out to help popcorn lovers everywhere satisfy their cravings and found a spray to be the best way.

Big flavor attitude, without the additives, is the story behind our all-natural, non-GMO popcorn seasoning sprays. A simple spritz adds the perfect pop of flavor to this classic theater treat, or any movie treat for that matter. From sweet Nom-nom rom-coms to mouthwatering mysteries, our sprays add flavor to any movie night.

Like every great movie needs a sequel, our popcorn sprays are just a taste of what’s to come. We’re reimagining delicious flavors with a new line of sprays that infuse pure, organic flavor into your favorite foods and dishes, one spray at a time.


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